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Computer requirement

Male_Computer_smBeginning in Fall 2013, students admitted to the BYU School of Communications will be required to have a laptop or notebook computer for use in class.  While tablets, netbooks, and other mobile devices may at times be useful, the School requires that students obtain access to a professional-grade computer with sufficient processing power and memory to complete assignments. It must be Wi-Fi capable.

The School no longer maintains an open access computer lab in the Brimhall Building and many classroom computers will be phased out over the next few years.

The BYU School of Communications does not require specific brands of computers and recognizes that students are most productive using computer platforms with which they are most comfortable. However, the faculty offers the following guidance:

AdvertisingMost of our advertising faculty use Macintosh computers and recommend them, particularly for creative work. Students typically have to use the Adobe Creative Suite in order to design and produce materials for print and the web.

Public relations: Most public relations professionals use personal computers that run Windows. Students typically have to use the Adobe Creative Suite in order to design and produce materials for print and the web.

News Media (Journalism): While writing can be done on any computer, the faculty recommends Macintoshes for those students who are engaging in multimedia work for the web, video production, or web design. Students interested in print, web and interactive design will use the Adobe Creative applications. Students interested in backpack or multimedia reporting will use Final Cut X. Students interested in broadcast will use Avid applications. The Universe and ElevenNews newsrooms each hosts both Windows and Mac computers. For further guidance, contact a member of the journalism faculty.

Hardware recommendations

Recommended specifications for Apple MacBooks: 8GB RAM; OSX (Mountain Lion) operating system; i5 dual core or i7 quad core processor.

Recommended specifications for PC notebooks: 8 GB RAM; Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system; Intel Core i7 processor; DVD and CD read-write drive; 250 GB (SATA 5400 RPM) hard drive; 512 MB video memory; built-in speakers, microphone jack, headphone jack; Wireless 802.11 b/g/n compliant; 2 USB ports; Minimum 13-inch display with 1024X768 resolution or better.