The historic George H. Brimhall Building

Brimhall Building

The School of Communications occupies the historic George H. Brimhall Building, on the south end of campus. Built in 1918, the building had two stories added in 1935, when it was renamed to honor former BYU President George H. Brimhall. The building first hosted journalism classes in 1933. It has been home to Communications since 2005. (See the college wiki to learn more of the building’s history.) The school’s main office is on the third floor, in Room 360. Nearly all faculty offices can be found on the third floor. Classrooms can be found on the second and third floors. The first floor is host to student labs (AdLab, Bradley Agency, ElevenNews, and the Universe). Labs and classrooms have undergone extensive upgrades during 2013 and 2014.


The School of Communications maintains a mix of classrooms and lab settings to meet the requirements of various styles of teaching and learning.

Collaborative Learning Spaces

Two classrooms are equipped with rolling chairs to encourage group discussions for classes of 30 (Room 250) to 42 (Rooms 264) students. Room 382 features tables and 24 chairs that can be easily configured into various configurations for teamwork.

Swivel Chairs Pano 2

Room 264

Meanwhile, a new collaborative environment in Room 230 is designed for teams of students to work on anything from campaign presentations to social media analytics. The room has four tables, each with its own large monitor, which students can access with their laptop computers.

Room 230

Room 230

Skills-building Spaces

Instruction on everything from writing to graphic creation or video editing can be taught in Room 240. This classroom, which accommodates up to 28, features 20 iMacs with the Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro X, and various other tools. It is the only classroom in which the department continues to maintain computers, as Communications majors are now required to bring their own computers. When students bring their own computers into Room 260 (20 seats), they now have electrical outlets to keep their devices charged up during class.

Room 260

Room 260

Lecture Rooms

The building has four large lecture rooms  (Rooms 220, 264, 270, and 380) with 42-49 seats and a medium-sized lecture room (Room 250) with 30 seats.

Communications Laboratories

The school maintains professional labs for Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism, and Public Relations.


The newly-renovated AdLab is located in Room 140 and features collaborative workspaces, individual workspaces, and computers with access to software for content and creative work, as well as advanced social media analytics such as Nuvi. From this workspace Communications students studying advertising practice what they’ve learned in classes by working on real campaigns.

ElevenNEWS Broadcast News Lab

A new broadcast set was installed in this lab during Summer 2014. The award-winning newscast is written and produced by Communications students studying journalism, then broadcast live on KBYU-TV from this facility every weekday during Fall and Winter Semesters. The ElevenNews is equipped with Avid iNews scriptwriting software, Avid Newscutter video editing, as well as robotic cameras and an integrated, fully automated control room powered by GrassValley Ignite.

ElevenNews - Room 150

ElevenNews – Room 150

1406-09 443 1406-09 Communications Comms Classes Empty Classrooms in the BRMB Brimhall Building Teachers, Professors, Students, Labs, Offices June 9, 2014 Photo by Meagan Larsen

Universe Lab – Room 152

Digital Universe News Lab

Communications students studying journalism and public relations report for the award-winning Digital Universe and its weekly print edition. Around 30 staff, advisers and faculty work in Room 152, which is equipped with computers configured for editing, routing, Chartbeat web analytics, management and design, editing photographs and designing pages.


Bradley Agency Public Relations Lab

The newly-renovated Bradley Agency Public Relations Laboratory is located in Room 116 and features collaborative workspaces, individual workspaces, and computers with access to software for content and creative work, as well as advanced social media analytics such as Nuvi. From this workspace Communications students studying public relations practice what they’ve learned in classes by working on real campaigns.

1406-09 286 1406-09 Communications Comms Classes Empty Classrooms in the BRMB Brimhall Building Teachers, Professors, Students, Labs, Offices June 9, 2014 Photo by Meagan Larsen

Bradley Agency – Room 116

Support Facilities

Equipment checkout – BRMB 120B

This room stores audio and visual recording equipment while it is not in use. Communications students and faculty can checkout this equipment during normal hours. Equipment includes:

  • Audio recorders
  • Microphones
  • Video cameras
  • Still photography cameras
  • Tripods
The room is open and available to communications students weekdays from 8-4.  Their phone number is (801) 422-6178.

Eye-tracking Center – BRMB 233A

Eyetracking - Room 233

Eyetracking – Room 233

The Eye-tracking Center contains state-of-the-art equipment that allows researchers to scan research participants’ line of gaze on still images, video images, and web sites (in real time). In addition, this equipment can identify fixation points where the eye and brain work together to more deeply process specific content within the viewed document. Moreover, the equipment measures pupil diameter, which provides a measure of cognitive activity and emotional responses to treatment material.


Focus Groups / Interview Rooms

BRMB 233 and 210

The School of Communications provides two focus group rooms furnished with conference tables and chairs suited for private interactions among researchers and participants.

Printing Room

Printing - Room 260

Printing – Room 260

Students can use Open Access to print assignments and other documents in Room 268.

Audio Recording

There are two audio recording studios on the first floor: Room 119 is configured for two microphones and features a telephone interface; Room 121 is configured for one microphone. Each of these rooms are equipped with audio editing software.

Academic Advisement

The School of Communications has a full-time academic advisor, available in Room 267 BRMB and D-444 in the HFAC. Students can make appointments by calling (801) 422-3777.

Internship and Career Placement

The School’s  internship and career placement advisor and staff are located in Room 280.

Conference and Seminars Rooms

The School has three conference rooms, one on each floor. Room 124 is primarily used as a meeting room for students involved in the professional labs. However, students can reserve this room for group work during available hours. The second floor has two rooms: Room 242 is primarily used as a seminar room for the graduate program and Room 210 is primarily used by the School Research Center. Each of these rooms may be used when available. The Department’s main meeting room is the Perkins Conference Room. Named after former department chair, the late Michael Perkins, and equipped for teleconferencing, this room is located in Room 370.


Perkins Conference Room – Room 370


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