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In addition to meeting the School of Communications’ application requirements, each student must complete the steps listed below in order to apply to the Public Relations program in the Communications major. When you are ready to apply, click the “Click here to apply online” button at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the online application site.

Applications to the public relations sequence are weighted as follows:

235 Grade 20%
101 Grade 10%
Language Primer 10%
One-Page Resume 15%
Faculty Interview 15%
Writing Exercise 10%
Strategic Planning Exercise 20%

1. Language Primer

As soon as you decide to apply, you should enroll in and complete the Language Primer course at NewsU via the link below. The fee is $12.95 and you get unlimited access to essays, practice drills and feedback and then up to two attempts at the final assessments in the three areas of grammar, punctuation and word use. The final exams must be completed by the application deadline and will be given the weight of 10% of your application score.

Go to this link, register to get a name and login, then place the course in your shopping cart, checkout and pay.
After logging in, on the left-hand panel, you can click to complete the course and test quizzes at your own pace.  Be sure you read the instructions completely before you click the “Start Quiz” button.  Clicking the “Start Quiz” button will start the timer and count as your chance to pass the test.  Do not leave the page once you’ve started the test. Once you leave the screen you will be kicked out and it will not let you back in.

It usually takes about 4-6 hours to complete but some students move at a faster rate.  When  you are ready, take the three final exams (Grammar, Punctuation and Word Use) separately.  Your highest scores (from up to two attempts) will be counted in your application.  Again, these must be completed by the application deadline.

2. One-Page Resume

You will create a one-page resume that highlights any relevant public relations experience that you feel has helped prepare you for admission to the public relations program.  Be sure to describe specific accomplishments or outcomes that relate to public relations.  Upload your resume to the application website.  For guidance on how to put together a resume, visit BYU Career Services at http://ucs.byu.edu/resumes.

3. Writing Exercise

Write a response to the following prompt. Use this exercise to demonstrate your creativity and writing ability.

  • Surveys indicate that the topic of health generates a lot of media and public interest.  Assume that you are working for a vacuum cleaner manufacturer (any brand you choose).  Write a subject line for your media pitch.  Then, in one to three sentences, use a health “hook” to start telling a story that will generate publicity for the vacuum cleaner company and its products.   (150-word maximum)

4. Strategic Planning Exercise

Once you begin your online application, you will click on the link to the case study PDF to access the description of the case and the questions you need to answer. Once you access the document, you will have one hour to conduct as much research as you can and a half hour to answer the questions below.

Before you start the strategic planning exercise, you will need to read and agree to the follows terms and conditions:

  • I understand that I only have one hour to conduct research for the case and a half hour to answer the questions once I have accessed the case document.
  • I agree to abide by the rules and time limits for the strategic planning exercise as described above.
  • I agree that I will not share the details of the case with other students.

You will then answer the following questions:

  • Describe the two most relevant insights you discovered from your research. (75-word maximum)
  • Write at least two objectives for your proposed communication campaign that follow the eight criteria for effective objectives outlined in the Matrix book. (75-word maximum)
  • First, identify one key public and the motivating self-interests of this public.  Second, identify one tactic that you would use to communicate with this public and explain why you would use it.  Third, craft one primary message that you would send through the tactic you identified.  (100-word maximum)

5. Sign up for the Faculty Interview

Approximately two weeks after the application deadline passes, you will be contacted via email to sign up for a 10-minute interview with a PR faculty member. Sign-up sheets will be available in the office in 360 BRMB.  The interview will explore your interest in public relations and strategic communications.  You will likely be asked about your preparation for the program as well as the specific types of careers you might pursue.

Please remember that if you are admitted to the major, you make a commitment to remain in the program for a minimum of four semesters.  There are no exceptions to this requirement. Advertising and PR also require you to attend one spring or summer term.

Thank you for your interest in Public Relations at BYU. We are looking forward to reviewing your application.

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