Internship Registration and Syllabi

As with all academic internship courses, there are minimum standards an internship experience must meet in order to qualify for the academic credit provided by a department or university. BYU’s internship policy states that the department administration must determine the suitability of internship experiences that will receive academic credit. In an effort to provide the best experience possible to our students, the School of Communications has taken the University’s guidelines and established a set of minimum standards for the academic internship courses provided by the department. Within the communications program, there are two internship courses available to our students: COMMS 399R and COMMS 496R. Below are the details of the internship course requirements as well as instructions on how to register.


496R Registration Info
(and course requirements)

Internship Master Agreement

Effective Summer 2016 the syllabus has changed. Please download the most recent versions below.

New Title IX Syllabus Statement (September 2017)




Contact the internship office for the syllabi effective Fall 2015 and earlier.

Faculty Advisors

COMMS 496R – Fall ’17


  • Section 001
  • All Students, Fall ’17: Keith Lue

T-Grade Policy and Professionalism Guidelines

For assistance with any of these procedures or forms, please contact us:

Internship & Career Services Office, 280 BRMB
Front Desk: (801) 422-5836 |
Keith Lue, Coordinator: (801) 422-6846 |

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