Lue, KeithInternship Coordinator

Keith Lue is an internship and career services coordinator appointed by the BYU School of Communications to assist students with meaningful work experiences in preparation for graduation.

Keith understands that inspiring learning experiences happen when what is taught in the classroom can be applied in the workplace.

Keith has broad experience in the classroom and the boardroom.  He remembers teaching the Chairman of the Board of Rockwell International how to use WordPerfect while the CEO explained to Keith the capabilities of his spy planes.  In 1997, Bill Gates recognized Keith as a “top contributor” at Microsoft for his strategic work in the battle for Internet market share and channel dominance.

Keith has won numerous awards for his contributions to innovation and higher education.

  • 1997 Top Contributor Award, Microsoft, Consumer Customer Unit
  • 2005 Distinguished Employee, Staff (peer) Recognition, 2006 Dean of Students, Award of Excellence, Utah Valley University
  • 2010, 2014 Advancement VP Recognition, Brigham Young University

Keith holds a master’s of science degree in education from California State University East Bay and a bachelor’s of science degree in business management (marketing) from Brigham Young University.

Besides working on his yard, Keith enjoys exploring his entrepreneurial passions, flying his “drone”, and substitute teaching at local high schools.  Born in San Francisco, California, Keith now resides with his family in Provo, Utah.

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