Public Accountability

Student Enrollment

The School of Communications is host to three limited enrollment programs: Advertising, Public Relations, and Journalism (Comms Studies was discontinued in Fall 2013). The following reflects the total number of students enrolled in the major or in Pre-Comms status.

Source: CFAC Academic Advisement

Graduation and Retention Rates

Graduation rates are calculated from the first term a student attends BYU. Only students whose initial college term was at BYU are included. Note that many students take two years off to serve a mission for the LDS Church. Therefore, the six and seven-year graduation rates are the most representative calculations (because most students serve missions, BYU’s seven-year rate is equivalent to five-year-plus rates used by other universities). The retention rate represents those students who are still Communications majors one year after admission to the program.

Source: BYU Office of Institutional Assessment

Job Placement

Based on graduate surveys taken one year after graduation, the following reflects full-time employment of BYU Communications graduates, both inside and outside of the field.


Strategic Plan

The Department’s current five-year strategic plan was adopted in 2013. It can be read here.

Faculty Evaluation of Chair

The faculty’s 2013 evaluation of the department chair and associate chairs can be read here.

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