Applying to the Undergraduate Program

Four areas of emphasis

The Brigham Young University School of Communications offers a bachelor’s degree in communications with four areas of emphasis. Each area has classes and labs unique to it, while elective courses are meant to be a broader examination of the world of communications. The areas of emphasis are:

Communications is a limited enrollment program

The School of Communications is governed by certain resource realities, such as number of instructors, classroom space, computer laboratories, and class size requirements. Additionally, these professional emphases require hands-on learning and smaller class sizes. Students in these emphases produce media content in the form of newspapers, broadcasts, advertising, and public relations campaigns. To ensure the quality of learning and to sustain the quality of content in our public outlets, the university has allowed the faculty to limit the number of majors admitted into the program. Because the demand on the school’s programs exceeds the available resources, the school has implemented an admission process that limits enrollment on those programs.  You may apply to the Communications major a total of two times.

Professionalism Policy

Pre-Comms students who behave in an unprofessional manner may be disqualified from admission to the major. Faculty reports of Pre-Comms students acting in an unprofessional manner may be considered in the selection process. Majors who behave in an unprofessional manner may be removed from the program. Faculty can petition to have a student removed. The Associate Director for Undergraduate studies will meet with the student and will decide if action for removal is required. Unprofessional behavior is defined by such things as cheating; plagiarism; excessive absences or tardiness; disruptive or disrespectful behavior to faculty, staff or other students; sleeping in class; reading non-course material during class; playing computer games; using social media or answering email during class. Please see the school’s Statement on Professionalism for additional information.


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