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In addition to meeting the School of Communications’ application requirements, each student must complete the steps listed below in order to apply to the News Media emphasis in the Communications major.  When you are ready to apply, click the “Click here to apply online” button at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the online application site.

Applications to the News Media sequence are weighted as follows:

Overall GPA 15%
101 Grade 5%
239 Grade 5%
Language Primer 25%
Self-Profile Story 40%
239 Professor Interview 10%

1. Language Primer

As soon as you decide to apply, you should enroll in and complete the Language Primer course at NewsU via the link below.  The fee is $12.95 and you will have unlimited access to essays, practice drills and feedback. You will have up to two attempts at the final assessments in the three areas of grammar, punctuation and word use.  The final exams must be completed by the application deadline and will be given the weight of 25% of your application score.

Go to this link, register to get a name and login, then place the course in your shopping cart, checkout and pay. After logging in, on the left-hand panel, you can click to complete the course and test quizzes at your own pace.  Be sure you read the instructions completely before you click the “Start Quiz” button. Clicking the “Start Quiz” button will start the timer and count as your chance to pass the test.  Do not leave the page once you’ve started the test. Once you leave the screen you will be kicked out and it will not let you back in.

The test usually takes about 4-6 hours to complete, but some students move at a faster rate.  When you are ready, take the three final exams (Grammar, Punctuation and Word Use) separately.  Your highest scores (from up to two attempts) will be counted in your application.  Again, these tests must be completed by the application deadline, or your application will be voided.

2. Self-Profile Story

Using the medium and style of your choice, create a profile story about yourself, demonstrating your communication skills and giving the News Media faculty insight into your background, interests and goals in journalism and communications.  This assignment will be weighted as 40% of your application score. While we are more interested in passion than perfection at this point, your story will be judged on this criteria:

  • Creativity: How creative is your storytelling and use of technology (text, video, photos, design, music, etc.)?
  • Communication:  How well do you tell your unique story about your background and interest in media?
  • Detail:  No matter the medium, is it well-written and constructed? Does it use the appropriate grammar, punctuation and flow for that medium?
  • Focus:  Do you show a passion for News Media and have a clear understanding of where you want to go in a career (digital news, traditional broadcast, traditional print, magazines, broadcast producing, social media, etc.)?  In other words, how well do you articulate where you want to go?

Important Note: Part of good communication is being brief and focused.  Videos MUST NOT exceed two minutes in length.  Other story forms should take about this same amount of time to read/scan/experience.

Possible ideas and platform to get your started;

  • Create a video using your mobile phone and editing software like iMovie, then post it to YouTube.  (Videos cannot exceed two minutes in length.)
  • Write and publish a blog post with photos, links, etc., via a free account at wordpress.com, or use a blog that you already have.
  • Create and publish a visually driven story using a free account at adobe.slate.com
  • Post your story as a basic web page using a free account at wix.com
  • Design your profile as a magazine layout in Photoshop/InDesign (or a free account at Canva.com) using text, photos, etc.  Export to PDF and post on a free Dropbox.com account
  • Create and publish a “motion graphic” using a site like prezi.com
  • Create and publish an info-graphic telling your story using a free account at a site like infogr.am
  • Create and publish a voice-over-driven video using a free account at wochit.com

Please remember that if you are admitted to the major, you make a commitment to remain in the program for a minimum of four semesters.  There are no exceptions to this requirement. 

Thank you for your interest in News Media at BYU!  We’re excited about getting to know you better!

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