Professional Student Labs

State-of-the-art facilities to allow students practice skills they learn in the classroom

The School of Communications maintains labs that offer State-of-the-art facilities allow students to practice skills they learn in the classroom. There are four professionally-oriented labs:


AdLab is located in 140 BRMB and is available for use by all accepted students in the advertising sequence. Inside are Macs and PCs equipped with programs such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. The AdLab can be reached at (801) 422-7324.


The ElevenNews studio is located in 150 BRMB and is used for the daily ElevenNews newscast at noon. Inside are computers available to broadcasting students equipped with Final Cut Pro, iNews and AvidNews. The ElevenNews studio can be reached at (801) 422-6918.


Y Digital Agency is located in 116 BRMB and is available to students who register for the Y Digital class. Macs and PCs are available with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. The Bradley Lab can be reached at (801) 422-4946.


The Universe is located in 152 BRMB and is where Comms students report and edit for the online Universe and produce BYU’s weekly newspaper. Inside computers and work stations are available to Universe staff and writers. The Universe newsroom can be reached at (801) 422-2957.

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