The School of Communications is governed by certain resource realities, such as number of instructors, classroom space, computer laboratories, and class size requirements. Additionally, these professional emphases require hands-on learning and smaller class sizes. Students in these emphases produce media content in the form of newspapers, broadcasts, advertising, and public relations campaigns. To ensure the quality of learning and to sustain the quality of content in our public outlets, the university has allowed the faculty to limit the number of majors admitted into the program. Because the demand on the school’s programs exceeds the available resources, the school has implemented an admission process that limits enrollment on those programs.

Students may apply to more than one emphasis at the same time; however a separate application must be submitted for each emphasis. Students must rank the applications to indicate their first, second, or third choice. Students may apply to the Communications major a total of two times. This means that you can apply to more than one emphasis during one application period but may only apply to the major twice.

The emphases allow some flexibility in your course schedule. However, where prerequisite courses are involved, accreditation rules preclude us from waiving prerequisites or allowing courses to be taken out of sequence. These courses represent what we consider to be important preparation for more-advanced classes.


Program Emphasis

Each student must complete the steps listed below in order to apply to the Communications Studies program in the School of Communications. When you are ready to apply, click the “Click Here to Apply Online” button at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the online application site.

Applications to the communications studies sequence are weighted as follows:

  • Comms 101 Grade
  • Comms 238 Grade
  • Letter of Application

Contact the CFAC Advisement Center in D-444 HFAC (801-422-3777) and declare your status as a Pre-Communications student. Students MUST be declared Pre-Communications to apply to the major. 

You MUST also be an admitted BYU continuing day student in order to apply to the program. Please be advised that according to University policy, students must select and declare a major by the time they have 60 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits). Once a student has 75 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits), they will not be allowed to change their major unless special permission is granted.


IMPORTANT!  Beginning Fall 2020, applicants to the Comms Studies emphasis will have to have Comms 238 BEFORE they apply to the program. 

Students must take the following courses and receive a B or higher in each (a B- will not meet this standard). Typically, there are no exceptions to this rule. Under normal circumstances, students may repeat each course only once to earn a higher grade. However, students who took one of the prerequisite courses during the Winter 2020 semester that was disrupted by the novel coronavirus pandemic had the option of taking a pass/fail grade instead of a letter grade at the end of the semester. Because of these unique circumstances, students who opted to take a passing grade for any prerequisite class in which they were enrolled during Winter 2020 will be allowed to apply. Meeting the minimum standard requirements does not guarantee admission to any school emphasis.

  • WRTG 150 or Advanced Writing Requirement**
  • Communications 101: Mass Communication and Society
  • Communications 238: Introduction to Communications Studies (Must be taken before applying to the program.)

** Our WRTG 150 requirement must be fulfilled by WRTG 150, ELANG 150, M COM 320, an Advanced Written and Oral Communication GE course (ENG 311, ENG 312, ENG 313, ENG 315 or ENG 316) or an equivalent transfer course (Transfer classes from other universities must be cleared by the advisement center prior to applying to the program). We do not accept AP English credits or English 115.

These courses are typically offered each semester and term. Some courses are also offered through BYU Independent Study and at the Salt Lake Center. Prerequisite courses from other universities or colleges, other than Comms 101 or an advanced writing course, are not transferable.


Create a one-page letter that addresses why you want to be a Comms Studies student, your plans after graduation and your previous experience in communications.


In the application, you will be asked to insert a link to your Comms 238 online professional portfolio.


Students MUST upload a PDF of their Full Progress (ABC) Report, including the Academic Summary (the last page of the report), as part of the application process. The Academic Summary by itself, or an official transcript, will not be accepted and will cause your application to be invalidated. For information on how to find this report, please click here.

The School of Communications strongly encourages all applicants for all sequences to maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA.  If your GPA does not currently meet the 3.0 recommendation, you will be asked to include a 1-2 page letter that formally addresses your action plan to raise and maintain your GPA during your time in our program. Action items could include (but are not limited to) awareness in study habits, scheduling, increased organization, increased student-professor consultations, etc.

Credit Information

Preference for admission will be given to all students with fewer than 75 BYU earned credit hours (excluding language exam credits.) Pre-Comms students with more than 75 BYU earned credit hours (excluding language exam credits) may apply to the major but may not be admitted.

Please direct any inquiries regarding your credits to the advisement center.


Applications are due on the second Friday of each Fall and Winter semester.

The Fall 2021 online application will be active on May 1, 2021 and there is a $6 fee for each application submitted.  The Fall 2021 application deadline is September 10, 2021,  at 11:59 pm MST. Students who are admitted during the Fall application period will begin their coursework in Winter 2022.

If you have technical issues while submitting your online application, please email between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm CST. You may also consult the FAQ page on their website. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION EARLY IN ORDER TO AVOID ANY POSSIBLE WEBSITE DIFFICULTIES.

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