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Notice: Apply for your COMMS 399R and 496R internships using IRAMS.  Coursework is available now on Learning Suite.  Plan to attend a mandatory internship orientation, Friday, May 11, Noon, 270 BRMB. This workshop will include Q&A and a discussion on best practices.  Preview an 8-minute video summary online.

From the day students enter the program to the day they graduate the Internship & Career Services Office is here to help with any form of career preparation. We provide resume/portfolio critiques, mentoring opportunities, interview preparation, and general internship counsel.

We also help students and alumni connect with experience providers as they seek to further their knowledge and skills in the field of communications.

Students searching for an internship that fulfills the internship credit required for graduation can find great opportunities on our job site. Here we have internships and jobs that fulfill the academic internship credit required to graduate or experiences that will build your portfolio as you prepare for entry-level employment.

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Looking for an intern? Or a full-time employee? Find out how to connect with students and graduates that can fill that empty position! You’ll also find information on the credit requirements for internships, how to post an opportunity on our job board, and many other resources for experience providers!

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