For more than 35 years the Internship Program has been operating in New York. Students who pass the application process are placed in internship positions in some of the largest firms and agencies in their professional fields. Students from the Advertising, Public Relations, Print and Broadcast Journalism emphasis who are accepted into the major and have met all the prerequisites for Comms 496R are eligible to apply.

Approximately 30 students from all the departments in the College of Fine Arts and Communications go to New York during spring term and live in the International House near Columbia University or at 92Y on the Upper East-Side. They will be placed in internships with various employers such as major public relations and advertising agencies, design studios and other communication and entertainment firms or agencies. This opportunity allows students to learn first hand what is happening in their chosen field, and to gain valuable experience for their resume and as preparation for entering the job market. Many of the employers like to hire from their intern pool, and in the past several students have accepted full-time positions from their intern providers upon successful completion of their internship.


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Miscellaneous Internships




Finn Partners

Fox News



NBC Universal

New York Times


Penguin Random House

Prosek Partners

Thomas Reuters

Time Warner




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For more information, contact the COMMS Internship Office in 280 BRMB at (801) 422-6846 or comms_internship [at]

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