Smith, Staci B.Adjunct Faculty

Staci B. Smith, Ph.D., teaches as an adjunct instructor in the School of Communications at Brigham Young University. She also teaches in the Marriott School of Business at BYU. She earned her Ph.D. from Purdue University in Health Communication, and conducts research in crisis coping and resilience on social media.

Her expertise is in network and computational methods, and she examines coping and resilience behaviors following a crisis. Her research has been featured in top Communication journals including the Journal of Mass Communication and Public Relations Review, and she has presented at conferences in communication and networking.

As a scholar, Smith has specific experience in public relations campaigns and research using network and computational methods, as well as qualitative methods including focus group research and in-depth interviews. Smith worked on behalf of the Military Family Research Institute and the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration to evaluate online support for families of military veterans dealing with PTSD. She also worked on research on behalf of Academy Health in Washington, D.C. to develop social media insight for the health and medical professionals in the United States.

At Purdue University, Smith taught a range of classes in Communication including persuasion, public speaking and presentation, interviewing and group communication. She also taught in both online and in study abroad contexts. In her spare time, Smith enjoys traveling with her husband and four children, and introducing them to new cultures and foods.

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