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Alumni Profile: Jenny Anderson

Jenny Anderson Advertising, 2018 Senior Account Manager, VMLY&R, New York City


Why did you choose to study communications?

For me, Communications was the perfect intersection of my interests: creativity, strategy, writing, and relationship building. I loved the fact that this degree would allow me to influence people and culture for good on a mass scale.

Which current industry trends excite you?

As someone who has spent most of their career working on tech brands, Web3 fascinates me. Blockchain and the decentralization of the web will be something that impacts how we all share and consume information. Only time will tell…

What is a rewarding experience that you’ve had as a result of your study of communications?

My study of Communications brought me to my favorite metropolis and the place I now call home: New York City. It’s been rewarding, both personally and professionally, to be based in a major hub for culture and communications. Communications is a constantly changing field.

How have you adapted to these changes within your profession?

Communication and the means by which we do so is ever evolving. On the job learning never ends, whether it be a new client, industry, or advertising medium. Being open-minded, asking questions, and a Google search can go a long way!