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BYU Communications Students Celebrate End Of Year Achievements with Awards Luncheon

The BYU School of Communications Recognizes Student Academic Achievements With Awards Luncheon

BYU Communications Professor Scott Church Gives 2023 Beckham Lecture

How Has Remix Culture Changed The Perspective Of How We See Others, Ourselves And The Gospel?

Faith + Works: School of Communications Professor Jessica Zurcher Explains How Failure Leads to Fulfillment

Jessica Zurcher Used Her Own Failures as a Backdrop to Illustrate How Trials Can Encourage Spiritual and Intellectual Growth

Faith + Works Lecture Series: Professor Kris Boyle Shares How to Harness Heavenly Help

Kris Boyle walked students and faculty through a few of life’s crucial moments he has faced and how the Lord has been alongside him through it all

College of Fine Arts and Communications Celebrates Graduates in 2022 Convocations

The College of Fine Arts and Communications Honors and Celebrates the Graduating Class of 2022 with Student Speakers and Performers

The Voice of the Valley: Beloved News Anchor and BYU Alum Kent Dana Dies at 80

Kent Dana, the face of the evening news in the Valley for three decades, died Tuesday afternoon.

‘Come & See’ Behind the Scenes at the D.C. Temple Open House

BYU School of Communications Alumni Kurt Hanson and Rebecca Lane Share Their Experiences Working on the Media Relations Team for the Recent Open House at the Washington D.C. Temple

Experiential Learning Roundup: July 2022

CFAC Students Travel Internationally to Gain Real-World Experience and Share Their Talents While Studying Abroad

BYU Communications Alum Reflects on Living Essentially

Greg McKeown, Two-Time Bestselling Author, Teaches from Experience When It Comes to Focusing on the Essential Things in Life