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The Communications Internship Office is your go-to for all things internship! Look for opportunities on our jobs board, learn about how to start looking for your dream internship, review the requirements necessary to receive academic credit for your internship, and when you’ve found the one that suits you best – apply!


  1. If you are registering for a spring/summer internship, please submit an application for either spring or summer, in whichever term you anticipate beginning your internship. The system does not have COMMS 496R or COMMS 399R under the Spring-Summer option. We can work with you to extend the class over both terms.
  2. If you have any questions, please reach out to our office or visit one of the links below. Email: 

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For Employers

Looking for an intern or to hire a full-time employee?

To request that your internship/job listing be reviewed and approved for posting, please fill out the Provider Info Sheet here:
Any approved listings will be posted and the provider will be notified.

Find out how to connect with students and graduates that can fill that empty position! You’ll also find information on the credit requirements for internships, how to post an opportunity on our job board, and many other resources for experience providers!

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Current Hour Requirements

COMMS 496R: 126

COMMS 399R: 42

*AD, PR, and JRN students may enroll in COMMS 496R for 3-6 credits, with the minimum being 3 credits (assuming the first prerequisite class was taken in the Fall 2022 or later. If the first pre-req class was taken prior to Fall 2022, the student will need to register for at least 4 credits). For each academic credit enrolled, students will need to complete 42 hours at their internship. i.e. for a 3 credit enrollment, students will need to complete 126 hours at their internship. For a 4-credit enrollment, students will need to complete 168 hours at their internship, etc.

Comms studies students may enroll in Coms 496R for 1-3 credits.

Meet With Nicole

Nicole is the internship coordinator for the School of Communications. Come to her with any of your questions about internships from start to finish!

Our office hours are 9am-4pm, M-F.

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