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Bridge Semester

You will be notified by email of the admission decision four to six weeks after the application deadline. 

Students who fail to meet the minimum standards are encouraged to find another major at BYU. Additionally, students may apply to the communications program only twice. If you are not admitted into the program the second time, you cannot apply again.

If you are admitted to the program, you will be required to attend an orientation meeting. Students who don’t attend may forfeit their place in the program.

Students who are admitted into the program cannot begin to take courses in their emphasis until the next semester or term. Communications faculty strongly recommend taking courses in a planned minor during the application or “bridge” semester. This serves two purposes: first, all communications students should complete a minor to give them a much broader understanding of social behavior; second, the minor could prove to be a worthwhile major should you not be accepted into the communications program.

Communications 300 and Communications 304

We do allow students to take two courses, Communications 300 and 304, during their “bridge” semester. This is the semester during which you apply to the major but cannot yet begin taking classes. At this point, students have completed all of their prerequisite courses and are prepared to apply to the program.

If you have completed your prerequisites (meaning you have your final grade for each class), and have received a “B” grade or better in each class, then you may obtain add codes for Communications 300 and 304. If you have not completed all of your prerequisite classes or are currently enrolled in a prerequisite class, we cannot give you an add code for this class until you have your final grade.

Students must come to our office (360 BRMB) or email to receive a contract for this class. This form must be turned in with your Full Progress Report, showing a “B” grade or better in all of the intro classes, in order to receive an add code. Students may be placed on a waitlist until majors have been given the opportunity to add the class. Filling out this contract does not guarantee a spot in the class. Taking this class is merely an option for your “Bridge” semester. Not taking the class before you are admitted to the program will not delay your graduation.

Directions on how to obtain your Full Progress Report:
To access your Full Progress Report please log in to your MyMap account and click on the “progress report” tab listed between the “student summary” and “register” tabs at the top of the page. Click on the blue “generate PDF” button and ensure all sections have been selected, then generate your progress report pdf.

If you have any questions, please email our front desk at .

The emphases allow flexibility in your course schedule. However, where prerequisite courses are involved, accreditation rules preclude us from waiving prerequisites or allowing courses to be taken out of sequence.  These courses represent what we consider to be important preparation for more-advanced classes.

Please remember that if you are admitted to the major, you make a commitment to remain in the program for a minimum of four semesters.