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BYU Advertising Student Promotes Racial Equality in Utah

Kofi Aidoo started college as a food science major with big plans of becoming a dentist and high expectations about BYU.

Now he’s a senior and an advertising major — and his plans and expectations have changed.

Aidoo was born in Modesto, California, where his parents, who were originally from Ghana, converted to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when Aidoo was 2 years old.


BYU advertising student Kofi Aidoo has used his skills to advocate for students of color both on campus and in the the Provo community. (Kofi Aidoo)

Aidoo said the Latter-day Saint community where he lived had him convinced that BYU was the perfect school.

“It’s what we all aspire to. You’re bound to be successful if you go to BYU, you know?” Aidoo said.

He said his time at school has actually been very different than what he originally imagined. He said he appreciates BYU and loves his program but has noticed a huge difference between his experience as a student of color and the experiences of many of his peers.

This difference has led Aidoo to become an active advocate for anti-racism in Provo. Though he isn’t associated with the official Black Lives Matter organization, he said that he tries to be a part of the movement.

Aidoo helped organize a march against racism that took place on June 13 in Provo, and he’s been vocal on social media about recent events and protests related to racial injustice.

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