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BYU Communications Students Celebrate End Of Year Achievements with Awards Luncheon

The BYU School of Communications Recognizes Student Academic Achievements With Awards Luncheon

Comms awards
Photo by Scott Young

On Apr 7, BYU’s School of Communications highlighted student’s achievements with an awards luncheon that recognized more than 60 students. Approximately 70 students were recognized, with more than 30 different awards and scholarships being presented at the event. Thanks to generous donors, the School of Communications recognized the hard work and talent these students put into their program with scholarships to help further their education.

Awards were given to students who shined in academic areas. The Jane Clayson Johnson Award recognized Abigail Gunderson and Aubree Jennings, both students who plan to work in news broadcasting after graduation. Bree Silva was awarded the Nancy Briggs Rooker Richardson Memorial Scholarship, established to remember BYU’s alum members. She will be going to New York this summer for an internship opportunity.

The following are the scholarships and awards that were given to students to recognize their achievements and assist them in their BYU education.

Comms Luncheon 1
Photo by Scott Young

Rich Long-Dow Chemical Scholarship

  • Rebecca Lindsey
  • Anna Roth

Rulon L. Bradley Award

  • Ellie Bean

Stephen W. Gibson Entrepreneurial Scholarship

  • Emily Hooke

Austad Awards |Public Relations

  • Ashlyn Kay
  • Charlotte Paulsen
  • Josie Rackley
  • Molly Roth
  • Mikayla Smith

Austad Awards | Communication Studies

  • Jessica Byers
  • Cody Halversen
  • Darby Knudsen

Austad Awards |Advertising

  • Jared Brockbank
  • Jake Marchant
  • Annabelle Peterson
  • Kate Slobodian
  • Wesley Walton

Austad Awards | Journalism

  • Trevor Myers
  • Joe Wirthlin
  • Megan Zaugg

Jane Clayson Johnson Award

  • Abigail Gunderson
  • Aubree Jennings

Development Board Scholarship

  • Angela Larson
  • Alexa Ray

Scripps N Laverl Christensen Scholarship

  • Andrew Osborn 
  • Reihana Wilson

Desert Management Scholarships

  • Bryan Barba
  • Talulla Barney
  • Thabata Freitas
  • Jacob Hable
  • Aubrey Leonard
  • Hannah LeSueur

Clifton B. & Cleone W. Wilkinson Endowed Scholarship

  • Mitchell Johnson

Nancy Briggs Rooker Richardson Memorial Scholarship

  • Breea Silva

Owen S. & Ora N. Rich KBYU Fellowship

  • Thabata Freitas

Mrs. Forace Green Award

  • Brigham Tomco

Diana King Memorial Scholarship

  • James Hoopes
  • Belle Lewis

Kagel & Barrus Creative Excellence Award

  • Talulla Barney
  • Danny White

McKinlay & Sheets Advertising Creative Track Award

  • Gwynie Bahr
  • Danny Facer

Advertising Light & Hope Award

  • Rachel Dike
  • Carter Halvorsen

Gerald R. & Oneida B. Mcquarrie Scholarship

  • Taylor Riley
  • Summer Spendlove
  • Alli Trendler
  • Anna Vincent
  • Juliana Wright

Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Scholarship

  • Alexa Elliott
  • Alexander Tumalip
  • Carly Wasserlein

Howard E. & Deloris K. Wall Scholarship

  • Alex Amrine
  • Carly Wasserlein
  • Jonas Wright

Earl J. Glade Award

  • Hassan El-Cheikh
  • Brett Hammer

Hopson Family Communications Scholarship

  • Isaac Ferre
  • Clark Stuar

Prof. Raymond Beckham Endowed Scholarship

  • Samantha Birrell
  • Gabe Bori
  • Ashley Okeson
  •  Hannah Rigby

Bruce L. Olsen Scholarship

  • Julia Orellana-Funes 
  • Clark Stuart

Society of Professional Journalists Award

  • Megan Brugger
  • Marissa Lundeen 

Walt Lowe Endowed Scholarship

  • Alyssa Bradford 
  • Marissa Lundeen

Peggy Hughes Scholarship

  • Ivette Galvez Laparra-From Guatemala 

R. John Hughes Scholarship

  • Juliana R. Orellana-Funes

Kappa Tau Alpha Top Scholar Award

  • Sierra Jensen

Alf Se June Pratte Award for Best History Paper

  • Kiana Schlenker

Michael K. Perkins Top Scholar Award

  • Trey Chauncey