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BYU Grads Apply Comms Degrees to Exposing Swindlers and Managing Websites

Two School of Communications alumni turned to the Savior while pursuing careers

Comms Journalism Alum: Kaitlyn Bancroft

Kaitlyn Bancroft was in high school when an internship opportunity at the local newspaper helped her recognize her love for journalism.

“Seeing my name in print is what really got me hooked,” she said.

After graduating high school, Bancroft attended BYU and pursued a degree in communications with an emphasis in news media. Bancroft worked as an editorial assistant and BYU ElevenNews manager for the Daily Universe from the time she was a freshman until her junior year. After that, she worked as an on-staff senior reporter.


Kaitlyn Bancroft, left, and the Daily Universe staff

My time in the newsroom shaped the path of my professional career,” said Bancroft. “I am grateful that I had mentors who cared about the person I was becoming and not just the work I was producing.”

A month before she graduated in 2019, Bancroft landed an internship with the Denver Post. Three weeks before her internship ended, Bancroft was offered a job in St. George working for The Spectrum & Daily News. Although the process of going from one job to the next was often stressful, Bancroft was fortunate to always find work.

Since starting her position in St. George, Bancroft has worked on countless stories, and one of her favorites included a report on a swindler.

“I did a big investigative piece on this information we got from a lawyer about a local accountant who was swindling people’s money,” said Bancroft. “I had to become a mini expert on things I had never thought about before. I still get emails from people thanking me for warning them about him.”


Kaitlyn Bancroft

Due to COVID-19, Bancroft is unable to work in the newsroom right now, but she continues to find stories to work on from home. 

In many ways, Bancroft’s faith in God connects to her job.

“I remember writing an essay once about how journalism is the pursuit of truth and Jesus Christ is the ultimate truth. While I’m reporting, I set my personal beliefs aside, but those principles of seeking truth and having empathy and living as the Savior would live are so ingrained in me,” said Bancroft. “He walked with people from all walks of life, and I feel some of that. As a reporter, you’re walking with people from all backgrounds.” 

Comms Studies Alum: Vanessa Aparicio


Vanessa Aparicio

After graduating from BYU in the spring of 2020, Vanessa Aparicio was planning to study abroad before jumping into the job search. However, her plans were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of ending her four years of college with a trip to Europe, she found herself racing to find a job with little success.

“At one point I felt like I had wasted four years of my life. I had worked so hard to go to school and graduate,” said Aparicio. “So not only was my family unable to watch me get my diploma because of COVID-19, but I also didn’t have a job.”

Aparicio graduated from BYU in comms studies, where she had a plethora of internships and mentors. She also helped start the First-Generation College Student Organization, a club on campus to unite first-generation college students. But after graduation, Aparicio found herself disheartened by the job search as a 2020 grad.


Courtesy of Vanessa Aparicio

During the time of transition, Aparicio relied on prayers and fasting from herself and close friends and family. After working for three months in retail and continuing with other job applications, she interviewed with the company Freshly Picked. After initially being turned down for the job she applied for, the company reached out to her with a new position that they thought suited her. She took the job offer and started working soon after.

“I am the e-commerce site manager, so I run our website. I merchandise the site and schedule different sales and launches, as well as helping with social media,” said Aparicio. “It’s very detail-oriented, which I love.”

After months of prayers, Aparicio’s hard work had paid off.

“Something I learned through this experience is that you shouldn’t ever compare yourself to others. We do it constantly in our personal and school lives, especially at BYU where it’s super competitive. But everyone has their own pace, and there is no need to rush.”