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BYU’s Universe wins Associated Press awards

The Universe at BYU has won three awards in the 2015 Utah Idaho Spokane Associated Press Association’s annual news contest.

The Associate Press awarded BYU student Jacob Molnar first place in the Breaking News category for his article “Police respond to meth lab at Riviera Apartments” and student Ashley Robinson second place for her article “Obama visiting Utah Friday, April 3.” BYU students Jenna Koford and Bret Henkel took third place in the “Series or Special Project category for their Catfishing series.

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By Lorraine Chomel-Bailey
PHOTO: The Dr. Phil show, “The Co-eds and the Catfish,” aired April 24, 2015. BYU’s Universe reporters Bret Henkel and Jenna Koford broke the story after hearing one woman’s side of the story. (YouTube)