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Alayna Okerlund

Content Management Specialist,

Year Graduated:



News Media

First job out of college:

Content Management Specialist, (I work on SEO, content creation, social media management, etc.)

Other career highlights:

Content Intern,

Life Desk, Campus Desk, & Web Desk Editor, The Daily Universe

What makes me unique:

  • My family moved around quite a bit when I was growing up. I’ve lived in California, Florida, Texas, Japan (a few months), Georgia and Utah
  • I predominately grew up in Georgia – North of Atlanta (I love the South)
  • I am half Japanese (Unfortunately, I don’t speak the language, but I love the country, culture, and food)
  • I’ve participated in several gun competitions throughout the past few years
  • I have a motorcycle license – I have a Harley Davidson bike, but it’s in GA right now
  • I am LDS and married
  • Other things I enjoy: movies, creative writing, and swimming