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Gustavo Ramos Mera

Director of Communications and Research in Mexico, LDS Church

Year Graduated:


Major / Minor:

Public Relations

First job out of college:

Utah County Marketing Coordinator, Timpanogos Regional Hospital/Mountain View Hospital

  • Led the production and distribution of internal communication pieces (employee newsletter, intranet, etc.)
  • Participated as hospital representative in community events
  • Managed social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Planned scheduled and published blog entries

Other career highlights:

  • Planned and executed the first MountainStar Teddy Bear Clinic at Timpanogos Regional Hospital which then became a model to similar events across the division.
  • Directed social media strategies, making St. Mark’s Hospital the third most followed hospital nationally within the company (HCA).
  • Created a social media initiative to improve online reputation by engaging with +5,000 hospital visitors who “check-in” on hospital’s Facebook page every year – St. Mark´s Hospital
  • Directed strategies to build relationships with the Hispanic Community and created and executed measurable plans to capture Hispanic market. – St. Mark´s Hospital
  • Became the growth and strategies manager for MountainStar Medical Group, responsible of managing communications, marketing and PR for more than 200 physicians in Utah, Idaho and Alaska. – MountainStar Medical Grup / HCA
  • Recently accepted a new role as the Director of Communications and Research for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in México. My main responsibility is to open and create the first department of communications out of the USA in México.

What makes me unique:

I was born and raised in a place called Tula de Allende, Hidalgo in Mexico. I come from a family that has been in the Church for many years, in fact I´m 5th generation member of the Church. My great great grandfather was one of the first members in Tula, he actually became a martyr of the Church in Mexico. I studied in a church owned highschool in Mexico (now the MTC) and then served a mission in Chihuahua Mexico.

As soon as I took my first PR class I knew that was my future. I always showed interest in Corporate Communications and even as a student always look for opportunities to gain experience supporting many organizations to improve their internal and external communication.

I did an internship with a local hospital in Orem, Timpanogos Regional Hospital for almost a year. After graduating they offered me a full-time position and then everything started. I was promoted quickly in the organization until I became the director of growth and strategies for the medical group in the division (alaska, idaho, utah).

I believe that my culture and background helped me perceived things in a different way and that allowed me to create strategies and messages that resonate better with different audiences.

I’m a strong supporter of diversity in the communications industry. Globalization, migration, internet and social media among others, affects communication, and whoever understands more cultures and know how to speak to them will be successful.

After many years in the Healthcare industry (the best) a new challenge showed up in my career. I was contacted by the Church HR team in Mexico and requested an interview with me and the Area Presidency. They presented a very interested communications project for the church in Mexico based in the needs and growth of the country. Guided by the spirit (another key to success), I accepted the challenge to open and structured the first communications department (pilot) of the Church outside of the US. I left the job that I loved and moved my family to Mexico in September 2018. I’ve been here in Mexico since then and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Now I’m learning more about international communications and PR by managing the communications of the church in a country of more than 120 million people and 1.6 million members of the church.

Interesting facts:

  • My family and I appeared in some tv/social media commercials for MountainStar Healthcare. (Sometimes you not only create strategy.. but are a part of it).
  • Soccer fan
  • Enjoy insta-journaling (@megram80)
  • I actually enjoy mentoring and helping ppl. All of the ppl that I’ve hired in my career and recent graduates. I believe in them.
  • Visited all the states in the USA and México. Visited more than 20 countries.
  • I love classical music (perfect to listen when creating communications plans)
  • I love memes ( who doesn’t right?)