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Michael Burke

PR Intelligence Lab Manager

116 BRMB

Michael is an 18-year veteran of PR and marketing communications who has worked extensively in print/broadcast media, social media, content marketing, video production, crisis and reputation management, branding, web design, corporate communications and numerous other areas. He spearheaded the launch of AirBnB and has represented top consumer brands such as and The Myers-Briggs Company. He has also worked with tech companies such as Actian, Bluewolf, CSC Infochimps, Clustrix, GridGain, Helium,, Peaxy, Promethium, Transitional Data Services, Virtual Clarity, Logtrust, Iomega and others.

Michael is a data scientist with an MS in Data Analytics, and blends experience in statistics and probability, experimental design, predictive modeling, and machine learning with marketing and communications strategy. He has written extensively on topics related to machine learning for publications such as PR Daily, CommPro and InsideBigData, and has won industry awards for his study of factors affecting SEO. He’s currently working on a PhD in Data Science.

He lives in Provo with his amazing wife and four wonderful children. In his spare time he loves to play guitar.