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I Saw the Hosts of the Dead

Four Interviews: While producing “I Saw the Hosts of the Dead,” there were four interviews by Church leaders, professors and historians that I thought were quite remarkable because I asked very few questions. Those interviewed had the opportunity to share their answers in an open ended manner. I felt a need to preserve these wonderful interviews on this web page in their entirety and archive them for scholars, Smith family members and those interested in learning more about the life of President Joseph F. Smith. Please see the interviews below.

Kevin Kelly Producer, Director, Co-Author

President M. Russell Ballard

Acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve, was so generous with his time. He was excited to share his personal perspective about his great grandfather, President Joseph F. Smith. His interview is a treasure in that he shares personal details about his mother and her family that I don’t believe are captured anywhere else.

President M. Russell Ballard "I Saw the Host of the Dead"

Richard C. Bennett

Professor, Chair of the Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University, gave a remarkable interview, full of rich detail and wonderful insights. At the end of the interview I was visibly astonished and asked how he could remember all the dates with such accuracy. Dr. Bennett replied, “I gave the final test on this very subject to my students yesterday.”

Richard N. Holzapfel

former professor of Church History at Brigham Young, currently serves as an Area Seventy and as a Senior Manager at the Missionary Department of the Church. Dr. Holzapfel has published several books about Joseph F. Smith. Being an expert on the subject, his insights about the life of President Smith are authentic, meaningful and often quite touching.

Richard Holzaphel Interview "I Saw the Host of the Dead"

Lisa Olsen Tait

Church Historian, gives an interview detailing the woman in Joseph F. Smith’s life, starting with life of his mother, Mary Fielding Smith. The nuances of these stories, as told by Sister Tait, brings to life the warmth and generosity of President Joseph F. Smith’s dealings with his wives, children and close associates. This unique perspective adds a dimension of tenderness to this great prophet leader.