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News Media student co-directed new music video for BYU football

Screenshot from YouTube of JamesTheMormon’s latest video with BYU Football.

Sam Wilder is a News Media student in the School of Communications who has recently received local and national media attention for his film skills. Sam co-directed and produced the most recent JamestheMormon video, “Tellin’ You Y”. The music video included football players, coaches, BYU cheerleaders, the Cougarettes and many BYU fans.

The video was not only picked up by local Utah news networks, but also by NBC Sports and it was shared all over Twitter. According to Sam, making JamestheMormon a successful, mainstream brand is his dream.

Sam chose the News Media emphasis because he felt that social and digital media is a marketable skill in a lot of industries. He started doing film around nine years old when his parents bought him his first video camera. Though he is self-taught in film, Sam said the film classes offered at BYU have really helped to develop his skills.

Sam Wilder creates videos for BYU Football and JamesTheMormon while running a personal photography business.

Sam also worked with David Archuleta on the “Workin’” video with JamestheMormon and filmed at Comic Con in San Diego last year. Working with the BYU Football team is another big film project for Sam and he is able to travel around the country with the team.

When asked about his dream job would entail, Sam said, “to be able to support a family by making music and videos that make people happy and that also change the perception of Mormons and the LDS church, and allow opportunities for missionary work. That’s the dream right there.“

In his free time, Sam also works on his photography skills. You can find his photography and film work at