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Professional Practice

Students will act professionally in their practice: Specifically, students will demonstrate they value freedom of speech in the marketplace of ideas, and be able to practice within legal boundaries, while exhibiting standards of professional behavior and demonstrating sensitivity to ethical behavior.

Related Values and Competencies:

  • Freedom of Speech
    • Students will understand and apply the principles and laws of freedom of speech and the press for the right to dissent, to monitor and criticize power, and to assemble and petition for redress of grievances.
  • Ethics
    • Students will demonstrate an understanding of professional ethical principles and work ethically in pursuit of truth, accuracy, fairness, and diversity.

The professional values and competencies listed here are those mandated by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC). Read more about the ACEJMC on their official site, or view the full list of professional values and competencies here.