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Sports Media Program

The Universe Sports program is a multiplatform sports experience. Students produce high-quality multimedia content for both television, digital, print, and social media channels. Universe Sports has its own website, sports and highlight show that airs across Utah on Fridays, and popular social media channels.

Additionally, students enrolled in the program spend a semester as sports information directors for BYU’s extramural sports teams. This experience introduces students to the broader field of sports communication that exists beyond sports journalism.

Students are taught by full-time faculty and adjuncts—like Greg Wrubell, Voice of the Cougars—who have extensive professional experience in the sports media arena. Along the way, students develop skills that include narrative storytelling, in-depth writing, social media analytics, videography, photography, and podcasting.

Each student in the program has the opportunity to work outside the classroom as a fulltime student employee in a sports related field. Our students are employed on-campus by BYU TV Sports, Athletic Communications, and Athletic New Media.

The program’s diverse curriculum helps students develop tools that make them qualified candidates for employment in either sports journalism or other sports-related fields.

See our curriculum map for your path into sports communication.

Kimberline Haner

Assistant Director of Media Relations, Arizona State University