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Building e-portfolio

The School of Communications is employing learning e-portfolios to help promote deeper student learning. The school has arranged for students to use Digication, an easy-to-use platform similar to Wix or Weebly. Students may produce multiple e-portfolios, choose whether to keep them private or display them. Students can continue to edit and use, or delete, their e-portfolios after graduation.


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Although some students may opt to use other platforms for employment portfolios, many students will use a professional e-portfolio they’ve produced on Digication to help them get a job. Either way, it is anticipated most students will use this platform to curate their work, reflect on their learning, and publish it—either for just their instructors or to the world.


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Instructors will let students know whether their class is using e-portfolios. Invitations will begin rolling out to selected courses during Winter 2020 Semester. For some students, the invitations will come via email from Digication (if your instructor tells you to expect an invitation, please check your spam folder and whitelist Students should follow the directions in the email to establish their free account.


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