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Where Do I Go For Help?

Who Should I Contact If...
While many answers and solutions can be found on our website, there are some issues that must be addressed by speaking directly to specific faculty or staff members. If you have such an issue but aren’t sure who to speak with, please refer to the information below.


  • Contact the CFAC Advisement Center in 1190 West Campus Central Building or call (801) 422-3777.

  • Contact the CFAC Advisement Center for an appointment by phone (801-422-3777) or through the chat feature at

  • Refer to the sequence map received at the new admit orientation. Create your grad plan. For a schedule planning template click here. Once complete you can send your plan to be reviewed by your Academic Advisor.

  • Comms internships page: You may also consider consulting with a professor, or using resources such as the BYU Comms LinkedIn group, the Comms BYU Connect group, or Career Services.

  • Speak to a communications professor, or contact Derek Jack, Career Director for the College of Fine Arts and Communications, (


Scholarships, Awards, Student Funding, Financial Aid

  • Contact Jacey Carpenter at or (801) 422-4510.

  • Contact Jacey Carpenter at or (801) 422-4510.

  • Contact the University Financial Aid office at:

  • Contact Layne Peterson at or (801) 422-6142.

  • Contact Layne Peterson at or (801) 422.6142.

Student Employment

  • Layne Peterson, for all jobs except Universe jobs. For Universe jobs, contact Ellen Hernandez,

  • BYU student employment office

Undergraduate Classes/Scheduling/Grades

  • Debby Jackson

Graduate Program

  • Debby Jackson

Website Issues

  • Jacey Carpenter

  • BYU IT Home

Personal Resources

  • Chris Wilson or Mark Callister

  • BYU Title IX office

  • Main office 360 BRMB

Personal Resources

  • Contact the comms main office at 801.422.2997 so that we can help direct you to the appropriate area for resolving your issue.