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Eye Tracking Center

The Eye-tracking Center, located on the second floor, in room 233, contains state-of-the-art equipment that allows researchers to scan research participants’ line of gaze on still images, video images, and web sites (in real time). In addition, this equipment can identify fixation points where the eye and brain work together to more deeply process specific content within the viewed document. Moreover, the equipment measures pupil diameter, which provides a measure of cognitive activity and emotional responses to treatment material.

This lab gives students the opportunity to work with cutting edge biometrics technologies such as eye-tracking, facial recognition, galvanic skin response (GSR), and virtual reality, in order to complete projects for both academic research and client-based projects. Working in the lab is open to all students in the Communications program, pending open positions.

Focus Group Room

Our focus group room is also room 233. Focus group recording equipment is located in the room immediately next door (233B). Card access is required. To see a brief training video on how to operate the recording equipment, click here.

For other questions or issues regarding focus group recording, contact Dale Green at 422-5020.