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New YDigital website streamlines Utah wildfire information


From left: Spencer Christensen, Adam Durfee and K.C. Miller monitor the Utah County Fire Website. The website was designed as an information hub for those affected by the Bald Mountain and Pole Creek fires. (Ty Mullen)

BYU students have set up an online information hub, organizing the flood of information on two major wildfires that have chased more than 6,000 Utah residents from their homes in recent days. Less than 24 hours after its creation, the Utah County Fire Relief Website had received more than 15,000 visitors. That’s about one new visitor every second.

YDigital Agency Manager Adam Durfee teamed up with BYU students and local volunteers to build a central hub for real-time updates on the Pole Creek and Bald Mountain fires burning just outside Spanish Fork, Utah.

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