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New York Internships

For more than 35 years, Communications students have been interning in New York where some of the largest firms and agencies in professional fields can be located. Qualified communications students can reach out to agencies or network with alumni to apply for internships. Once obtained, an internship in New York will enable a student to apply their classroom learning to agency and company scenarios allowing them to raise their skills to a whole new level.

Various students enjoy interning in New York during spring term. Internships with various employers such as major public relations and advertising agencies, design studios and other communication and entertainment firms or agencies allow students to learn first-hand what is happening in their chosen field, and to gain valuable experience for their resumes as preparation for entering the job market. Many of the employers like to hire from their intern pool, and in the past, several students have accepted full-time positions from their internship providers upon successful completion of their internships.

Though the School of Communications does not offer an internship program, we have several resources for students hoping to intern in New York. The Information Packet, Housing Guide, and past employer list found below will start you off in the right direction.

For more information, contact the COMMS Internship Office in 280 BRMB at (801) 422-6846 or