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The School of Communications is accredited by ACEJMC

Since 1985, the School of Communications has been accredited by ACEJMC, the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. As a member of this body, the School is committed to student learning that achieves core professional values and competencies such as freedom of speech, ethics, diversity, writing, research, critical thinking, and the application of tools and technologies of the field. You can find more information about ACEJMC accreditation here.

ACEJMC accredits 111 programs in journalism and mass communications at colleges and universities in the United States, including one at a university outside the country. ACEJMC does not rate units or put them in any rank order. The granting of accreditation means an academic unit has been judged by ACEJMC to meet its standards. That judgment is rendered after a self-study prepared by the faculty and administration of the unit and an independent evaluation of the unit by educators and practitioners.

Accreditation evaluations normally are made by ACEJMC at six-year intervals. The BYU School of Communications was reaccredited in May 2015. A site team visited the school in October 2014. In preparation for that visit, the school prepared this self-study report.