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The Future of the Ever-Adapting Press in the New Internet Age2/11/2016
The press has been central to the story of the United States since its founding. Today on Thinking Aloud, we talk to Jay Rosen, a journalism scholar from NYU, about how the press is changing as it continues to adapt to the new Internet world.
1963: The Year that Changed America
7/12/2013It’s been fifty years since 1963. The impact of the events that happened in that 12-month space, however, cannot be overstated. Dale Cressman from the BYU Communications Department joins Thinking Aloud to reflect on the vaguely-remembered and well-researched interaction between media and social movements during 1963
Eye of the Beholder
4/28/2010Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as Helen Keller did? No sound. No sight. Today’s Thinking Aloud show is an audio documentary on a modern Helen Keller. The Eye of the Beholder was written, produced, and narrated by Anna Staker, a senior in BYU’s Department of Communications and recipient of the 2009-2010 Owen S. Rich fellowship honoring the founder of KBYU-FM.
Where the Ball Drops: A History of Times Square
5/15/2009The magnificent story of Times Square and its eponymous building, told by a scholar-storyteller, may help us remember that giant relic in the heart of a giant city … a building that says more about our society, who we are, and what we value, than merely “News, news, read all about it!” We’re discussing Times Square and the history behind it with Dr. Dale Cressman, an award-winning journalist who teaches in the BYU Department of Communications.
New Era in News and Information
7/11/2008With the onslaught of blogs and news available on network websites, the world of broadcasting is certainly changing. But, how exactly? BYU Communications experts Dale Cressman and Quint Randle join Marcus Smith on today’s Thinking Aloud to discuss the changing landscape of news and information media.
Media Coverage of Campaigns
2/1/2008In the last decade, it seems that voting machines, primaries, red and blue states, and the whole political gamut have been popular topics for media outlets, internet blogs, and even late-night comedians. Sometimes political neutrality seems nonexistent, depending upon who’s actually telling the story. How transparent is the process of informing the public, particularly during an election season? To what extent is the messenger, namely the media, actually altering the message? Experts from BYU’s Political Science and Communications Departments weigh in on media coverage of campaigns. Kelly Patterson teaches American politics, Political Parties, Campaigns and Elections, Public Opinion, and Political Theory (BYU Department of Political Science). Robert Walz teaches Broadcast Journalism (BYU Department of Communications) and is currently a freelance reporter for Utah’s ABC 4 News. Wes Sims serves as News Director at BYU Broadcasting and has extensive experience as a broadcast journalist reaching back four decades.
The Press and the Courts
10/26/2007Following up on the visit of Chief Justice John Roberts to BYU, today’s Thinking Aloud will consider some of the pivotal issues informing the freedoms and privileges enjoyed, and sometimes not enjoyed, by members of the press. Scholar, journalist, and lawyer Ed Carter of the BYU Communications Department joins us today.
Communitarian Journalism
1/29/2007Director and producer of a new radio documentary Rodney Wardle joins us with Communications chair Ed Adams to discuss a new style of journalism. Communitarian journalism is now being taught at several universities across the nation, including BYU. The documentary “What’s in a Name? The Story of Communitarian Journalism” airs January 31 at 9pm on Classical 89.
Print Ads and Eye-tracking Studies: Where Does Our Gaze Linger?
11/13/2006Steven Thomsen is director of the Communication Research Center in the College of Fine Arts and Communications at BYU. He investigates the kinds of images or print material that draw us in … whenever we do so much as glance at a page or poster. What kinds of advertisements capture our attention and draw us in? What messages conveyed by these images do we retain? And in particular, what are youth learning from exposure to print ads? One way to find out is to observe the way our eyes respond to the ubiquitous visual stimuli that bombard us daily.
Revisiting the Era of Broadcast News Giants, with Bob Walz and Dale Cressman
10/20/2006Our nation has witnessed a fair number of broadcast news giants, from the days of WWII newsreels to last night’s update from Iraq. What was the recipe that produced an Edward R. Murrow or a Walter Cronkite? And is there any lingering public appetite for these kinds of icons or celebrities in the news business? Thinking Aloud’s Wes Sims interviews scholars and broadcasters Robert Walz and Dale Cressman in this retrospective on a (bygone?) era never to be forgotten.