School of Communications Leadership


Ed Carter is the Director of the School of Communications.


Dr. Clark Callahan is Associate Director for Graduate Studies. He is responsible for such items as graduate student admissions, scheduling, and research. He also encourages faculty research and oversees undergraduate Honors study.


Dr. Chris Wilson is Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies.  He is responsible for undergraduate matters such as admissions, class scheduling, student petitions, and classroom teaching.  He also supervises the hiring of adjunct faculty.


Dr. Dale Cressman is Associate Director for Student Learning. He is responsible for assessment of student learning, as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives.


Debby Jackson is the School Secretary. Whether you need to add a class or transfer credit hours, Debby can answer almost any question. She is also the Graduate Program Manager and administers the Mass Communications MA program.


Layne Peterson is the school’s Business Manager and can answer questions related to student employment, scholarships, travel, internship housing and more.


Jacey Carpenter works on student and alumni outreach efforts. She can assist with questions about applying for scholarships, school-sponsored events, mentoring, or tours of the student labs. Jacey also oversees the work of the Communications Student Ambassadors, as well as the digital signage in the Brimhall building.


Nicole Norris is the Internship Coordinator. Internships are required by all students in the School of Communications and Nicole and her office can help students who are ready for that capstone experience.

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