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Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships & Awards

The School of Communications offers a variety of scholarships and awards to students meeting the criteria established for each. For the 2024-25 application season, the application period will begin December 26, 2023 and end February 1, 2024. Scholarship applications must be submitted by midnight on February 1. Applications will be submitted 100% online. Scholarships awarded during this period are applied to the upcoming Spring 2024 term through Winter 2025 semester.

1. Each student may fill out up to TWO scholarship applications: One for scholarships in his/her study emphasis (advertising, journalism & sports media, or public relations), and one for “general” scholarships open to all study emphases, including communications studies. Links to pages with scholarship descriptions and criteria are found below.

2. Carefully read the criteria for each of the scholarships for which you are eligible and use the link found on that page to apply.

3. There are no individual applications for every scholarship. Instead, students will fill out one online application for their emphasis (and/or one for general scholarships, if they choose) and will be considered for all scholarships in that category based on qualifications.

4. Visit the page or pages that apply to you below and click the application link on that page in order to apply.

These general scholarships are open to Comms students of all emphases, or Pre-Comms/Transfer/incoming freshmen interested in CommsListing of available scholarshipsOnline Application
For Advertising students, or Pre-Comms/Transfer/incoming freshmen interested in AdvertisingListing of available scholarships
Online application
For Journalism & Sports Media students, or Pre-Comms/Transfer/incoming freshmen interested in Journalism & Sports MediaListing of available scholarshipsOnline application
For Public Relations students, or Pre-Comms/Transfer/incoming freshmen interested in Public RelationsListing of available scholarshipsOnline application

INTERNSHIP FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE For a copy of the Internship Financial Assistance Application, click here.

If you have read all materials thoroughly and still have questions, you may email Jacey Carpenter, Outreach Coordinator, at or call (801) 422-4510.

Scholarships will be awarded in strict compliance with Brigham Young University Scholarship policies. This requires full-time enrollment as defined in that document.